• Time is spent in our client’s premises to get acquainted with the process that will be automated.

 • Different levels of personnel are interviewed to exactly identify the requirements so the final product provides the correct results.

 • Redundancy issues are detected and fixed in the current process.

 • Forthcoming events are overseen to anticipate possible future situations.


• A schema of the database is built which is the foundation of an information system.
• A user interface is planned to be friendly and intuitive.
• A model of the different modules of the software product is designed and the way they will interact with each other to get the desired results.


• Code is written according to the model made in previous step.

• Validation of user input and data is included as much as possible to keep data integrity.

• Code is written with high quality standards to keep the system maintainable, scalable and secure.


• We thoroughly perform rigorous and systematic tests in our code to deliver a bug-free product.

• The above steps are applied recurrently during the time of the product construction.

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