Product Quality

The software products we build are based on proven development standards that yield to a high quality result which is reliable and functional. In general, we use the following approaches:


A framework for agile/rapid development which considerably reduces the overall development time


A design pattern that provides a great organization of the code.

3-tier architecture

Augments the flexibility provided by the MVC design pattern.


A development paradigm that helps the modeling of the system in a more organized and natural way.

The organization of our software is based on the 3-tier client-server architecture.

The above standards allow us to shape a product with the following characteristics:



Easy integration of new requirements and correction of eventual bugs.


High degree of accuracy in the specifications and requirements.


The abstraction property is applied so parts of the code can be reused to integrate new features and even build a new product.


Minimization of failure is considered very seriously.


The software can be executed in any kind of client computer architecture and/or operating system because it is built to run in a web browser.


The purpose of the product is fulfilled and optimized considering issues like time of response and storage space.

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