Currently, we offer
the following services:

Development of information systems

We build enterprise class software solutions to automate, speed up and make processes more efficient and reliable. When developed for the world wide web, an information system is globally available and always ready for interaction.


Development of apps for mobile devices

For enterprise, apps are an important extension of information systems because they allow users seamlessly interaction from the convenience and comfort of any mobile device. Apps increase the status of a company in the eyes of its customers.

Development of games for mobile devices

We specialize in the development of 2D games, including 2D game graphic art, for iOS and Android platforms and deployment to their respective stores.

Data Analysis
(coming soon)

Nowadays, data exists in big quantities and its analysis is fundamental for many businesses. Through data analysis it is possible to predict behaviors, discover hidden information patterns, make correct decisions and suggest possible conclusions with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

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